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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brown aka Kool-aid...

We were lucky enough to have Brown become a pack member in late November 2009.  He initially presented for what was thought to be TVT.  After some testing was performed he was diagnosed with cutaneous hemangiosarcoma with metastasis present in his lungs.  The preputial mass which had been slowly growing for nearly 9 months was finally removed yesterday (12-09-09) removed at ROSS university community practice.  He will have a few days to heal and then chemotherapy will follow.  Brown is one the best dogs I have ever had the chance to be around.  He should really be called Mr. Freeze because he is so chill and calm.  Right now we are going to give him the best chance to beat the cancer while maintaining a good quality of life.  We hope he pulls through.  These shots were taken with my 1d mkIII and 50mm 1.2L

~Dan Honovich Photography

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